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Popular Services

Monthly home
pool or spa service

Starting at $185

Monthly service is 4 visits per month.

Monthly commercial pool service

Starting at $365

Monthly service is

2 Visits per week May-Oct,

1 visit per week Nov-Apr

Hourly labor rate
$115 per hour


Filter tear down and clean

Starting @ $155

Each part is cleaned

and inspected.

for imperfections

Filter is re-assembled.

all O-rings are lubricated.
Diamatrious earth is added if needed.

Green to clean pool

Starting @ $420

This service includes Backwashing

(before, after,and as needed

during the rescue process)


Clean all bags-baskets of debris.

Service also includes:

Balance the water chemistry.

Check and adjust pool cleaner.

Check gas heater and/or solar system

for proper operation.

Spa drain and clean

Starting @ $155.00

Drain old water and clean spa shell.

Remove and clean filter. 

Fill spa with fresh water.

Clean spa cover.

Balance the water chemistry.

Check components for proper operation.

Spa covers

Starting @t$499

All shapes, colors, and thickness

Disposal of old cover


Remove and dispose


Chemical boost and balance

Starts at $99.00

Addition of all chemicals needed to achieve

ideal water balance.


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