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Live longer...Play Golf

Looks like those weekends/afternoons of golfing will do you some good
Not only is golfing good for your health
but also has the potential to add years to your life
according to a new study out by the

Swedish medical university Karolinska Institute.

The study, published recently in the Scandinavian Journal

Medicine & Science in Sports, analyzed data collected from 300,000 Swedish golfers and discovered that

They were 40% less likely to die at any given age
than those who did not play.

And those with the lowest handicap
had a greater chance of a longer life.

Makes sense...

... Those with a lower handicap, after all,

probably spend a lot more time on the golf course



Resist the temptation to smash down on the ball when you're battling a
headwind or crosswind.The secret to a low trajectory is less
backspin, so take two extra clubs, a 6-iron instead of an 8-iron, for
example and make a smooth pass at the ball. You could also play the
ball an inch farther back in your stance to deloft the clubface, but
don't swing steeper, as that will only add backspin.

On the tee, make an easy, sweeping swing to produce a penetrating
drive.You may lose a few yards, but not as many as you would with a
hard-hit ball that balloons into the wind.

Rain-Dry your grip and hands

The club will twist at impact if your grip or hands are wet.

Pick It Clean
The results of fat contact are worse when the turf is wet.

Catching the grass just a hair behind the ball on a rainy day

will result in a "splat" and a shot that goes almost nowhere.

"Grip the club like you would an egg"

Bill Smith
"The correct golf grip pressure points and having a proper golf grip are essential for solid ball striking, and

Hogan writes:
 "If you work [pinch] the tips of the thumb and
forefinger together and apply any considerable amount of pressure, you
automatically activate those muscles that run along the outside of the
right arm and elbow to the right shoulder. These are not the muscles
you want to use in the golf swing." 


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